About Legacy Academy

Founded in 2012, Legacy Academy engages in a full spectrum of family succession and continuity planning services covering research, education, consultancy and publications. It provides professional advice and guidance to Chinese family enterprises with the mission to ensure that their family legacies are successfully sustained and advanced from one generation to the next.


The Academy’s scope of services include: the consolidation of family values, the sustainability of family relationships, the transfer of family knowledge and know-how, the management of family wealth, as well as leadership succession planning and implementation. With its comprehensive and proven methodologies, the Academy is a leading platform on trans-generational leadership and succession planning of family legacies in the Greater China region.

Dr. Michael Y.K. Chan

Honorary Chairman

Dr. Michael Y.K. Chan was the former Chairman of Café de Coral. Under his 30 years of management leadership, he has received numerous local and international management awards, which include the most coveted Stars of Asia Award.


Dr. Chan's holds a double major Degree in Sociology and Political Science, a Master Degree in City Planning, and an Honorary Doctorate degree. He is also bestowed with an Honorary Fellow from Lingnan University in Hong Kong


Dr. Chan is a very active member of the community as he is an Independent Director of 6 other public companies as well as serves on the advisory committee of both the Hong Kong Baptist University, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Besides being the Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, he is also the Chairman of the Business Enterprise Management Centre of the Hong Kong Management Association. Dr. Chan has recently founded the Legacy Academy as its Honorary Chairman to share on best practices in trans-generational family business legacy.



Dr. Amen Lee


Dr. Amen Lee is the President of Legacy Academy. He is a specialist in family business succession. He has developed the unique "Five Dimension Model in Holistic Wealth Legacy Succession” in addressing both the tangible and intangible issues on trans-generational legacy planning. He is the author of two books on succession planning and writes regularly for various magazines and newspapers on the subject matter.


Dr. Lee completed the Harvard Business School Executive Education on Family Business Succession, as well as the Executive Education on Strategic Corporate Finance in Cambridge University.


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