Legacy Academy’s comprehensive range of services encompasses research, education, publication and consultancy.

i. Research

Chinese Family Legacy Research Centre, a non-profit research organization, was established by the Legacy Academy with an aim to undertake in-depth research and case studies on topics related to trans-generational family legacies and related issues.



ii. Education

The Academy collaborates with local and overseas universities and institutes to offer family legacy planning programs that emphasize both on theory and practical knowledge.



iii. Consultancy service

Building a family legacy is not only about wealth and legal documents. A sustainable legacy starts with family values. The first step of family succession is to consolidate and archive the family business founder's key values and his/her DNA of succession. Family value without action is merely a dream. To achieve family legacy, based on shared values and the DNA of family succession, families need family history and family doctrine family meetings, family constitution with a mechanism for continuous progress and follow-ups.



iv. Publications

The Legacy Academy publishes the “Legacy Series” of books in which entrepreneurs, scholars and professionals partake in the sharing of their experience and perspectives.



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